business law black river falls wi

Business Law: Black River Falls and Neillsville, WI


Starting a profitable business takes more than just a great idea or determination. It requires an understanding of how businesses are required to operate under Wisconsin law when it comes to licensing, taxes, workers' compensation insurance, healthcare insurance and a host of other issues. You may be able to save yourself valuable time and money in the future by scheduling an appointment with an experienced Wisconsin business attorney today. At Sherman Law Offices, we know how to help you make sure you're in compliance with state law and that you're making the most of every opportunity Wisconsin offers for small entrepreneurs. Additionally, if you're involved in civil litigation related to a business matter, we will fight for your rights from either side of the courtroom and assist you in making sure that your assets are not threatened.

Talk to us immediately if you are facing legal challenges such as:

  • The selection and formation of the right business entity
  • Understanding computer and trademark law
  • Establishing a business plan
  • Understanding state and federal tax and insurance laws governing small businesses
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • The need to terminate or transfer your business
  • Selling or purchasing a small business
  • Arbitration or mediation in a business dispute
  • Civil litigation

No matter what kind of legal obstacle is confronting you as a business owner, we have the tools you need to overcome them and make your vision of success a reality.