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Estate & Probate: Black River Falls and Neillsville, WI


Having a comprehensive will in place at the time of your passing is an excellent way to ensure that your assets reach your heirs in accordance with your wishes. Dying without a will means that your estate will be divided among your closest relatives under the strict laws governing so-called intestate succession in the State of Wisconsin. In addition, having a will safeguards your property against threats such as:

  • Unnecessary taxation
  • Deceptive creditors
  • False claims of inheritance

A will even allows a testator or testatrix to appoint guardians for their minor children. The best way to establish a thorough, personalized will that protects your rights and secures your assets on behalf of your loved ones is to partner with a dedicated Wisconsin attorney. Schedule an appointment with our office today to get started on making your estate plan a legal reality. We'll do everything we can to assist you in putting a comprehensive will in place. You may be surprised at how affordable it is to secure peace of mind for you and your family in estate matters.


In order for a will to be recognized as legally valid in the State of Wisconsin, it has to pass through probate court. The person responsible for overseeing the probate process after a death is a personal representative who is usually appointed in the will itself. This honor comes with the responsibility of gathering the assets of the deceased, honoring all legitimate debts and dividing the remainder of the estate among a decedent's heirs. Retaining a seasoned probate attorney to help you is highly recommended if you have been named a personal representative in the will of a recently deceased individual. At Sherman Law Offices, we help you greatly reduce the time, expense and stress associated with probate court in Wisconsin.