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Ensure Your Rights are Protected

Traffic violation and drunk driving attorney in Black River Falls, Neillsville, WI

When you've been charged with a traffic violation or of driving while intoxicated, it can be scary. From not knowing if you're going to lose your driving privileges to being concerned about jail time, it's normal to feel like there's nowhere to turn.

But, you're wrong. Sherman Law Offices has been representing clients facing traffic offenses, OWI and DWI just like you for years. We understand that this is an overwhelming time in your life, and we're here to protect your rights even though you've made a mistake.

Don't face your case alone. Thanks to decades of experience, our knowledge and expertise has gained us much success. Count on us to do everything in our power to maintain your driving privileges, help you avoid points on your license and increased insurance rates, and reduce your charges or have them dropped altogether.

Take control of your traffic violation or drunk driving case by calling one of Sherman Law Offices convenient locations to schedule a free consultation.